Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara

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Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Loves To Shop

Santa Barbara is a magical place known to many as the “American Riviera.” It is the jewel of the Central Coast with many fun and exciting things to do and see. From the beaches to the mountains, there is always a plethora of activities going on that one can participate it. However, even with all of the great scenery and things to do in Santa Barbara, sometimes you just want to shop! Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is one of these people–he just loves to shop.

Though Santa Barbara is not a huge metropolis, there is still a variety of great shopping fun to be had here, and Ian Filippini Santa Barbara has done it all!
Of course there are the two major malls of the area–Paseo Nuevo (www.paseonuevoshopping.com) and La Cumbre Plaza (www.shoplacumbre.com). Both of these local malls are outdoor malls, which suits Ian Filippini Santa Barbara just fine because the weather is almost always good enough to walk around in. In these two malls there are the typical chain department stores such as Macy’s, Sears and Nordstrom, but there are also many fun independent boutiques.

Besides the malls, there are tons of unique shops up and down State Street, as well as on Coast Village Road in Montecito. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara sometimes prefers these shops to going to the busy malls. Of course there is also Kmart and Home Depot in Goleta, if you need to do that type of shopping too.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves to shop and Santa Barbara is a great place for it! To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara you can visit http://www.slideshare.net/ianfilippini/ and https://twitter.com/iaianfilippini.