Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Visits The New Moxi Museum

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Visits The New Moxi Museum

Ian Filippini Moxi

Moxi Museum

One of the many benefits to living in a wonderful place like Santa Barbara is that in addition to the many outdoor activities here, there are actually many cultural activities and opportunities as well, just ask Ian Filippini Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is known for having an amazing art museum, sea center, museum of natural history and a fantastic and historic library and court house. Now, there is another destination to add to the wonderment of culture and learning in Santa Barbara and that is the new Moxi museum. Moxi stands for The Wolf Museum of Exploration and Innovation (www.moxi.org). It is a place where young minds can experience hands on experiences to grow and to learn.

The Moxi has been a dream of its creators for over 20 years and finally, in 2017 it has become a reality. The Moxi is located in downtown Santa Barbara at 125 State Street. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara likes the Moxi’s location because it is right across from the beach and it has amazing views. The Moxi has super interactive exhibits that range from science to engineering to art and math. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves that there is so much to see and explore here!

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves that the Moxi is a fun and educational experience for kids, but also for adults. You are never to old to explore and to learn! This spring there will also be special camps offered, as well as after school activities and even after hour events for adults only!

If you have not yet had the chance to explore the Moxi, Ian Filippini Santa Barbara highly suggests that you do. To learn more about Ian Filippini Santa Barbara please visit http://ian1031.com/ and http://ianfilippinisantabarbara.com/.