Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Loves Cava Restaurant

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara Loves Cava Restaurant

Ian Filippini Cava

Cava Restaurant

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is definitely a connoisseur of good food. One of his favorite types of food is Mexican food, which is why he loves dining at Cava Restaurant in Montecito. Cava is fine dining in a fun and casual setting. There is a beautiful patio to enjoy food and drinks, or you can get a table in their cozy dining room. There is always wonderful music to enjoy and amazing art on the walls to explore. Ian Filippini Santa Babara especially likes that the owners hand pick their wines from France, Italy and Spain.

Cava is a family owned restaurant that opened in 1997 and is still owned by the same Lopez-Hollis family (www.cavarestaurant.com). The owners strive to put out quality food worthy of Montecito’s reputation, but also make sure that the atmosphere is comfortable enough where you can stop by on the weekend in your jeans and T-shirt. Reservations are not required, but are recommended, as Ian Filippini Santa Barbara has learned.

Ian Filippini Santa Barbara likes that Cava has an extensive menu that serves everything from small tapas, to gigantic burritos and everything in between. Cava is also known for their specialty hand crafted cocktails.

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