Ian Filippini: Best Santa Barbara Pizza Joints, Ian Filippini Style


Ian Filippini

Best Santa Barbara Pizza Joints, Ian Filippini Style

It might not be the amazing financial advice provided by the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. that you’re about to hear, but you will love the information Ian Filippini is about to give. Everyone loves a fresh slice of pizza any day or night of the week, and in Santa Barbara, there is no shortage of great places to offer just that. When you’re ready to experience pizza at its best, use this as your guide to the best in the city.

Opal Restaurant & Bar

Sometimes you don’t need the word ‘pizza’ in the title to indicate that you know how to make a delicious-tasting pie, as proves Opal Restaurant and Bar. A classy restaurant with a 30-year history of serving fresh foods, the establishment is located in the heart of the city on State Street. The restaurant  serves pizzas prepared to perfection in the wood-burning oven. Four different pizzas are serviced, including the Smoked Chicken Pizza which features a chipotle glaze. Opal Restaurant isn’t going to serve a delivery-style pizza, so if this is what you’re looking for, you know who to call! Ian Filippini loves the pizza found on the menu at Opal!

Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria

Persona is definitely the go-to place for great tasting pizza served fast with your choice of toppings. The roomy restaurant offers several big screen TVs to enhance your enjoyment while dining on thin, crunchy crust which tastes it was imported hot and fresh from Italy! Along with great-tasting pizzas like Chicken Chipotle and Ensalata Di Prosciutto, you will also find delicious salads to complete the meal. More than 30 different toppings are available. A Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. lunch meeting might very well take place at this favorite pizza joint.

Olio Pizzeria

Olio isn’t your average pizza restaurant. Instead of the casual pizza place, Olio is a pizza bar/wine bar with exceptional ambiance to cater to any special occasion. Olio is open for lunch daily, with dinner and wine starting at 5 p.m. next  door.  At Olio you will find many different types of pizza, and you can always choose your favorite toppings to create your own pizza pie if you’re not interested in one of their specialties.

Via Vai

Via Vai has been serving the SB area since 1994. One step inside and you will instantly be transformed into a home-like, comforting environment, with invigorating smells coming out of the kitchen to complete the ambiance. While there are a number of Italian favorites on the menu, it is the pizza that keeps the crowds coming time and time again. Cooked in a wood-burning oven, the thin crust pizza brings the authentic flavors of Italy to your mouth with each bite.


Last but certainly not least is Barbarian. By day this establishment is family-friendly, comfortable and cozy so even the little ones can come along for a slice of pizza. They have pies with all of your favorite toppings, and getting creative is your prerogative here! At night, that seemingly quite place turns alive and there’s plenty of alcohol, friends, TV and good times to all. The draft beer selection is large, the staff is attentive and friendly, and the restaurant is a lot of fun all the way around. Pizza is served by the slice as well as by the pie so you can get just what you need.

Pizza Any Time

Any time is a good time for pizza, for lunch or dinner, weekend or weekday. In Santa Barbara, the many different pizzerias in town ensure that you always get a new taste of an old favorite any time you like it. There are so many awesome restaurants in town you will never tire of the same old pizza menu! Take it from the pros at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. and Ian Filippini and visit these great spots the next time pizza is on your mind. These restaurants are favorite among the locals and visitors alike, and it will take just one visit to learn why they are such popular spots.

Ian Filippini: 15 Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara


Ian Filippini

15 Fun Things to do in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California  is home to around 88,000 people. It is an affluent town with a variety of celebrity names with zip codes in the city. With so much to offer, there is no wonder that so many people flock to the city day after day and month after month. Whether you are a resident of the city or a visitor, there are an assortment of fun activities that you can participate in no matter what your interests.  We are sharing with you 15 of the best things that you can do in the city.

  1. Visit the Zoo: The Santa Barbara Zoo is fun for children and adults alike. There are more than 1,000 animals living in this habitat for viewing at the zoo, as well as many fun activities and exhibits related to the animals of the zoo.
  1. Visit State Street: State Street is located in the heart of downtown. It is the street where it all takes place, whether you’re looking to shop, dine or visit a museum. A visit to State Street is certainly a beneficial way to fill the agenda with lots of fun things to fill your time.
  1. The Granada Theater:  Since 1924 the Granada Theater has been presenting theatrical performances. All these years later, the fun is still in great abundance, and catching fine arts at its best is something that you can do any day of the week.
  1. County courthouse: The County Courthouse is a must visit site. It is of historical value as it has been a landmark in the city since 1929. There is a great botanical garden filled with colorful flowers and lush green plants, as well as fantastic architecture to enjoy.
  1. Visit the Beach: Whether you are a resident or visiting for a spell, the gorgeous beaches of the city are a must visit. There are endless miles of beaches in the city. You can swim, scuba dive, snorkel, or simply enjoy taking in some of the sun. with the pristine weather, enjoying a day on the beach is always something that you can enjoy.
  1. Golf: There are several golf courses in Santa Barbara, making it easy for all levels of players to enjoy a day on the greens.
  1. Stearns Wharf: This is the top tourists spot in the city, and a place that you need to be when it is fun that you want in your life. Enjoy fishing, the sea center, dining, shopping and much more.
  1. Visit the Filippini Financial Group: President Ian Filippini is a resident of the city, as well as a man who cares about your financial needs. The Filippini Financial group is a wealth management agency. The company offers a variety of services to help you plan and prepare your finances for success. Ian Filippini goes above and beyond to make his clients feel warm and welcomed, as well as confident in the services that they receive from Filippini Financial Group.
  1. Climb Santa Ynez Mountains: Not only is the city surrounded by gorgeous beaches, there is also the Santa Ynez Mountains opposite the beach. If you are a true outdoorsman, a climb up these mountains could be just what you need for your adventurous side.
  1. Go Camping: Another activity that might take you near the Santa Ynez Mountains, camping is fun for the family!
  1. Visit the Spa:  A mani-pedi is a great way to pamper yourself while also enjoying the great scenery of the city. Several spas are located in the area, so take your pick and enjoy the pampering for a change.
  1. Visit the Farmers Market: There is no better place to get your fresh fruits and veggies than at the Farmers market, so make sure this is a stop tattoo have planned.
  1. Go to the Park: There are more than 21 parks available in the city, so plan a picnic, a day out with Fido or a game of volleyball and head on out.
  1. Nederland Ranch: The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is no longer with us, but his Neverland Ranch is still in full status in the SB area. It is a sight to see, whether a fan of the artist or not.
  1. Take a Day Trip: Los Angeles is less than 100 miles away from the town, and there’s always something fun and interesting going on in LA! For a bit longer trip, San Francisco is less than 300 miles away.


Ian Filippini: Buying a Home and Living in Santa Barbara, California


Ian Filippini

Buying a Home and Living in Santa Barbara, California

Are you interested in living among some of the richest, the famous and the affluent members of the world? If so, Santa Barbara, California is the perfect place to call home. The city of 90,000 is well-known for its list of who’s who in the many different communities, and for anyone interested in a different way of living, the city certainly provides all they need and more.

Top Communities

Of the various communities in the city, Westside is among the most affordable areas in which a home can be purchased. While the median cost of a home in the city is $216,765, homes in this neighborhood are considerably less, averaging a median price of just $776,576.

This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Santa Barbara, a great place for families as well as those looking for peaceful, serene living in the city. Ian Filippini will tell you that the Westside of the city is a great place to live.

Want something with more attitude and ambiance? It sounds as if the Riviera neighborhood is calling you. This is the most popular, and most expensive, area in the city, and you’re sure to run into a few celebrities and famous names living in this area. The average cost of purchasing a home in the Riviera neighborhood is just over $2 million.

The Alta Mesa neighborhood is also popular, and many newcomers to the city choose this neighborhood. The average cost to purchase a home in Alta Mesa is around $1.2 million. For this price you’ll get a home with a fantastic view, and average of three-bedrooms, and convenience to all of your favorite spots in the city.

East Beach is the neighborhood for movers and shakers. It is another popular community in the city, as well as one that has more affordable home prices.  As the name suggests, East Beach is located near the beach, and plenty of activities are available neighborhood.

Fun in the City

There is so much to do in Santa Barbara, no matter where you might live. Of course it is the beaches that oftentimes attract people to the city, and there is no shortage of great fun in the sun whenever you want it.

 Love animals? Even if you do not have children (and of course when you do,) a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo can help fill all of your needs for a little bit of animal fun. This zoo has more than 160 different species of animals, as well as many different exhibits and activities to entertain all visitors. Regular visits are a must.

Do you find fascination in museums? You are not alone, and the city can cater to your needs well with a mixture of fun museums.  There are many great museums that you must visit. Those museums include:

  • Natural History Museum:  Visitors to this Santa Barbara favorite will find many different exhibits here representing various mammals and aquatic life. The Ty Warner Nature Center is found inside of the museum, and there is also a great library and other fun things to occupy your time. Ian Filippini finds this museum entertaining, as does his crew at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.
  • Museum of Art: Both 19th and 20th Century works can be found inside of the Museum of Art as well as a number of special exhibits and other fun.

As you can see there are tons of great communities in the city, as well as plenty of fun waiting to be had. No matter where you want to live in the city it takes a great amount of knowledge to manage your finances well enough to buy a home and maintain that home for as long as you want to be there. Whenever you need help doing this, Ian Filippini and his staff at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. is just a phone call or a click away. The Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. provides residents of the city with a number of wealth advisement services, ensuring that living the good life in Santa Barbara is something you are always able to do. Whether you need help with retirement planning, have questions about saving money or want to plan your retirement, you will get the professionalism and expertise that you need with this group!

Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara Summer Events


Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara Summer Events

Summers in Santa Barbara, California, are anything from boring. Students from elementary all the way up to those attending the University are out enjoying the beauty the city offers, and visitors are flocking in to have their way on the beautiful beaches. Even with so much already going on, the city has a number of special activities that take place throughout the summer months. Familiarizing yourself with these many different events will ensure that you enjoy an amazing summer as it was intended to be. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, Filippini Wealth Management Inc. president, doesn’t want you to be in the dark about these events, and provides this list of events you are sure to want to add to the agenda.

Concerts in the Park

Who doesn’t love to hear a good band play?   At the summer concerts in the Park event, your family can enjoy a free concert in the park, and lots of fun to go along with it. The band is new each week, and you can hear acts from all genres. Concerts are held at beautiful Chase Palm Park every Thursday night in the months of July and August.    Put on your dancing shoes, grab the family and closest friends, and join the other 5,000+ people at the park and live the night away.

Picnic in the Park

It is unfortunate, and sometimes hard to believe, that so many children, even in the affluent Santa Barbara, are going hungry every single day.  During the school year, these children are guaranteed two meals per day at school, however, when the summer rolls around, this may not always happen. The Picnics in the Park program aims to ensure that no child goes hungry, providing a daily meal to children in the city at the Central Library.

Franklin Youth Drop-in Center

During the summer there are numerous activities at the Franklin Youth Drop In center, and these events are scheduled for children of all ages. Adult supervision is provided, and there are many activities that both boys and girls will enjoy. There’s a movie room, snacks, a pool table, foosball, movies, arts and crafts, cooking classes and much more. Parents can feel good about children spending their time at this center. For teens, resume services and job training are also offered, a great way to get a head start on that future career.

Summer Camps

Summer camps can also provide fun and learning for your child, and there are numerous choices that you can involve your child with. There are a few free summer camps, but most do require a small payment. Summer camps take place at various intervals throughout the summer months. Some are overnight, others are day time only. You should check with the camp that you are interested in to learn more about their schedule as well as the cost of attending the camp. Among the best summer camps for kids in the city include:

  • Elite High School Boys Summer Camp
  • YMCA Summer Camp
  • CATS Summer Camp
  • Aquacamp
  • Ecology  Explores Summer Camp




Amazing Financial Advice

While you’re looking at Santa Barbara events for the summer, make sure that you also schedule a time to stop by Filippini Wealth Management Inc. As mentioned earlier, Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is the president of the company, and together with his team of financial experts, they provide sound, solid financial advice to all residents in the city. Filippini Wealth management Inc. is a long-running, trusted business in the area, so if you’re looking to make the most of your money, plan a visit with them without delay.

Ian Filippini: Santa Barbara on a Budget



Ian Filippini

Santa Barbara on a Budget

If you think that visiting Santa Barbara on a budget is out of the question, Ian Filippini Santa Barbara, Filippini Wealth management Inc. president, is here to tell you differently. The beautiful costal city is home to only about 90,000 residents, but there’s an enormous number of visitors who flock to the city each summer to enjoy the beaches, festivals and other activities enjoyed in SB. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is here to change the minds of those thinking you cannot affordably visit the city. Continue reading to learn his advice for your budget-friendly trip.

Nowhere Else on Earth

Santa Barbara is certainly an affluent town. There are millionaires on every block, and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey either live in the city or own a guest or vacation home in the area. There’s certainly many exquisite attractions, whether you want to enjoy PGA class golf or five-course meals at some of the most superb restaurants in Southern Cal. But, there are also tons of cheaper, more affordable options for those who haven’t this large  bank account or financial status in life.

When will you Travel?

The best way to save money when traveling, according to Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and all other budget-conscience travelers, is to travel during off-season. The warmest time of the year in the city is the fall and summer, and these two seasons are known as peak season. Traveling during peak season is fairly expensive, and bargains won’t be quite so easy to spot. Traveling during the winter or spring months is a far more viable option if you are looking for the best deals.

Your SB Stay

There are enamoring hotels in Santa Barbara, but there are also an assortment of cheaper hotel and motel options as well. To find these deals, a search of the internet is in order. While considering the cost of the hotel, make sure that you also look at other extras that might be thrown in for free (which saves a ton of cash) such as free breakfast, free shuttle and free parking. Some of the more affordable lodging options in the city include:

  • The Sandman Inn –Located in the downtown State Street area of town.
  • Hotel Goleta –Hotel located close to the airport
  • Oasis Inn & Suites –Oasis is also located on State Street
  • Peterson Village Inn –Located in Solvang
  • AAE SB Hostel –Room rates per night can be as low as $25
  • Hotel Quality Inn – Located on De La Vina Street

Getting around the City

Taxi cabs are available for transportation in the city, but this can become pretty expensive, especially if you plan on seeing a lot of what the city has to offer. A more affordable option is to rent a car. Not only can you enjoy your time as you desire when you rent a vehicle, you will also spend much less than what would be spent on a taxi.

Even better, walking around the city on foot is an option. There’s no cost to walk on foot, and there are far more discoveries to be made when you are on foot, things that you might not see in a vehicle.

Free Stuff to Do

There are many expensive attractions in the city, but you will also find a plethora of freebies offered as well. Alameda Park, most of the beaches, and tons of museums offer free admission, so be sure the things are included on the agenda.

With the information provided here by Ian Filippini Santa Barbara and Filippini Wealth management Inc., you can visit the city even when money is an object of your concern.

Ian Filippini: Shopping Fun in Santa Barbara, CA



Ian Filippini

Shopping Fun in Santa Barbara, CA

If you like to shop (and who doesn’t,) you’ll find plenty of opportunities for doing just that  scattered throughout Santa Barbara. The city is filled with shopping malls, galleries, antique shops and more, ensuring that, no matter what your tastes, there is always a place to go to collect a fabulous find that you will love to take home with you. Each day of the week can find you shopping at a new retailer.

Shopping in the City

In the downtown area of Santa Barbara you will find a mixture of local stores and chain shops. These shops reflect Spanish style architecture which made the city a sight for sore eyes as far back as the 1920s. State Street, located in the heart of the city, has many antique shops to visit, but also a melody of small vendors who offer collectible items, clothing and much more. One of the best antique shops in the downtown area is a place by the name of Antique Alley. For upscale shopping, head over to Montecito.

Some of the best places to shop include:

Santa Barbara Outfitters

Santa Barbara Outfitters has upscale fashions for the entire family, and when you get bored, there’s even a climbing wall that you can challenge.

Mesa Shopping Center

The Mesa Shopping Centre is another must-visit shopping attraction in the city. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara loves to shop here. At this shopping center you will find chain restaurants like McDonalds, local establishments and brand name retailers such as Banana Republic, Calla Gold Jewelry and many others.

Italian Pottery Outlet

If you love pottery, the Italian Pottery outlet offers just what you are looking for. The best part of shopping here is that you can get gorgeous pottery pieces of fantastic prices. In fact, you can save up to 50% on your purchase shopping here. There is a wide selection of pieces available, suitable for all occasions, and from all around Italy.

Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center

This is another one of the popular malls in the city. When you head to the Paseo Nuevo Shopping Center, plan to be there for a while because there are so many awesome stores and entertainment options you will love what you can find.  There’s a movie theater inside of the mall, and tons of local and chain shops to choose from, including Bath and Body Works, Lucky Brand Jeans, Pandora, Victoria’s Secret, Planet Beauty and many others.

La Cumbre Plaza

La Cumbre Plaza is filled with numerous shops for your selection, and the scenery at the Plaza is amazing. It is a treat in itself to view the splendid gardens of colorful flowers, and the relaxing ambiance is nothing short of amazing. Shops, dining and entertainment can be found within the La Cumbre Plaza.  Names that you can find inside of the La Cumbre Plaza include GameStop, J. Crew, Pizza Mizza, Wet Seal, Tiffany’s, and many others.

Filippini Wealth Management Inc.

Although you cannot shop at Filippini Wealth Management Inc., Ian Filippini and his team can ensure that you have more money to spend on those things that you want to purchase. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara is president of the Filippini Wealth Management Inc. company, and with the services he and his team offer, you can learn how to invest your money for a bright financial future.

Final Thoughts

Santa Barbara, California has no shortage of fun for visitors and residents alike. For those who enjoy shopping, the city offers something for everyone. When you’re ready to shop, make sure that the names above serve as your starting point, and you will love the treasures that you find.

Ian Filippini: How to Sell a Home in Santa Barbara



Ian Filippini

How to Sell a Home in Santa Barbara

Selling a home is often an excruciating process for the homeowner, yet one that needs  to be completed on a daily basis. Regardless of the reason you want to sell your Santa Barbara home, learning how to do things the right way will ensure that your home is on the market for as little time as possible.

The city already has enough to offer residents that it isn’t difficult to sell a home. The city is surrounded by the ocean, by mountains, beautiful weather and a great atmosphere year-round. It is an upscale community with low crime rates and plenty for the family to see and do. Living in the city is pure and simple bliss, and living at its best.

Finding a Realtor in Santa Barbara

The first step in selling your home is finding a realtor. A real estate agent makes it much easier to sell your home no matter what area of the city it is located. They know how to sell the home quickly and get the most money for the home, and they provide their services to you at reasonable costs.

Preparing for the Sale

Once you have a realtor, it is time to prepare the home to be sold. There are many ways to prepare the home, and it is in your best interest to use as many of them as possible to give your old home a new look. A nice refresher never hurt anyone or anything, including a home that is soon to be on the market. You will also want to make sure that all repairs are made before the home is listed. You might be surprised at what simple things can do to the amount of money you can acquire from the sell your home.

The Small Things Count

It is usually the small things that make the biggest impact on the home. Add a fresh coat of paint to the house. Take care of the lawn, and make sure that the lawn is well manicured. Add a welcome mat to the front door area, and when it is time for people to view the home, be sure that you have scented candles welcoming them inside.

It is important that you know the amount of money that you want to get for the home you’re selling, as well as what homes in the area are selling for. In 2013, the average closing cost on a home was just over $900,000. If you are selling, there is a good chance your home should be priced near this range. Again, it is up to you to know the value and worth of your home.

Wealth Management Experts

Talk to the experts at Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. Operated by Ian Filippini, the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. is a wealth advisory agency that can help you learn more about maintaining your finances. They offer a variety of services, and Ian Filippini cares about you and your needs.

The Bottom Line

Santa Barbara is a city that so many people desire to call their own. It has so much to offer that make it a top California city. A plethora of celebrities own homes in the city, including the one and only Oprah Winfrey. Selling your home shouldn’t be difficult, as long as you are taking the proper steps to make your home valuable and worthwhile to potential buyers. Use the information here and you can do just that, ensuring your home is sold in no time at all.

Ian Filippini: Help when you’re in Need: Santa Barbara Steps up to the Plate



Ian Filippini

Help when you’re in Need: Santa Barbara Steps up to the Plate

Santa Barbara has a number of programs and organizations in the area to help individuals facing hardships preventing them from paying their rent, a utility bill or even purchasing food for their home.

Catholic Charities is one of the community’s most well-known agencies. They provide a number of services to those in need, including a rent assistance program, assistance with energy and utility bills, food and clothing and more. Additionally, members of the community can find credit and debt counseling offered. Ian Filippini recommends supporting this organization because of the vast assistance they provide to the community.

Alexander House Foundation provides assistance to senior citizens in the community. Among the services offered include rental assistance, prescription medication and medical bill assistance, food boxes and help with dental bills.

If you need help with housing, the Housing Authority may be a resource that you want to turn to for help. They offer a number of different services to low-income residents of the community, including  section 8 housing, assistance with mortgage payment, first-time homebuyers assistance, counseling for foreclosure and assistance with debt reduction. Again, the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. and Ian Filippini recommend supporting such an organization which can help provide housing assistance to the community.

The Salvation Army is another fine member of the community offering services to those in need. they offer financial assistance to help with energy and utility bills, rent and for medications. The Salvation Army is a USDA Commodity Distribution site as well. The commodity distribution program helps those in need with food. During the holidays the Salvation Army steps up to help low-income families who might otherwise be unable to celebrate the joys that come along with this very special time of the year.

The Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. is a wealth advisory company in Santa Barbara. Although they do not offer financial assistance of any kind, they can help you with a number of services that can help you build your wealth, and better plan for your finances today. Ian Filippini is president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., and he along with the members of the team offer personalized retirement planning, insurance, savings help and much more.

Bringing our Community Home is a homeless prevention program in the city. This group offers financial assistance to people who are facing eviction due to not paying their rent. They can also assist with security deposits, energy bills and utility bills. In special circumstances the organization may also be able to help with relocation costs as well as medications that are used for mental health and may contribute to problems with rental costs.

People helping People is a program operated by the Santa Ynez valley. They provide programs that help prevent eviction and prevent homelessness. Food is also available, along with transportation, temporary shelter and utility bill assistance.

The CAC offers several different programs to those in need in the area. They have a Home Energy Assistance Program that can help with cash to cover electric bills. The organization also offers a weatherization program that helps people who need air conditioners or other services to improve their homes, as well as several services to seniors in the area. The CAC receives a limited amount of funding per year for these various programs, and application deadlines are in place. Contact the CAC to learn those deadlines and other important information.




Ian Filippini: Enjoy Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara



Ian Filippini

Enjoy Vacation Rentals in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California sits along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. On the opposite side, the Santa Ynez Mountains are peaking in all of their glory. The skies are the perfect mixture of baby blue and soft, gently clouds, bringing down a pristine temperature averaging about 75 degrees daily. There is plenty to see and do in the city on top of the chance to unwind and relax on the beach of while hiking a trail to the mountain. Celebrities love the city. There are a number of famous names who call the city their own and double the number who own homes in the area. Oprah Winfrey is just one of the many names who owns property in the beautiful area of Santa Barbara.

It isn’t a secret that all of this wonderfulness comes at a cost, and the city is one of the most expensive to purchase a home in the entire state. In 2013, the average cost for a three bedroom home in the city was $990,000. Individuals who decide to rental home well spend around $3,000 in monthly rental fees! Does this mean that enjoying all that is offered is out of the question? Not at all, thanks to the many vacation rentals offered for visitors. Although purchasing or renting might be out of the question, enjoying a few wonderful days and nights in the city can be a dream come true.

A vacation rental is a home that you rent for a period of one week or more. The house is usually on the beach , near the mountains or other unique location so you have spectacular views during your stay. The vacation homes are elegantly decorated, lush landscaping on the outside and premium decoration and amenities on the inside, and equipped with everything needed to make an elaborate vacation. This includes beds, linens, even the pots and the pans. Depending upon your exact needs and budget, other extras and amenities may also be provided in the vacation homes.

The cost of a vacation rental in Santa Barbara varies. There are several contributing factors that lead to the actual amount that you will spend, including the duration of the trip, the vacation rental chosen and the time of the year that you visit. Peak season in Santa Barbara is during the months of May – August, and you can expect prices to be higher since so many people are anxious to visit during these months. Ian Filippini recommends comparing before booking any vacation rental in the city.

As a long time resident of Santa Barbara, Ian Filippini (Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. president) understands that sometimes you can get carried away in all of the glitz and glamour the city offers, resulting in more money than intended coming from the wallet. Rather than risk this, a comparisons ensures that you are spending a comfortable amount for your rental. It is free to compare and takes only a short amount of time to complete. With the chance to save so much money, why you wouldn’t want to compare is the real question of the matter.

Also , keep in mind that if you decide to visit, doing so during off season is one sure way to get the vacation rental for less. These months still have plenty to offer, and the biggest difference is nothing more than the size of the crowds.  In fact, some of the rentals can come with price tags slashed in half during the off-season months, but again this depends on a number of different factors and comparing is the only way to get the best rates.

To learn more about the many different vacation homes in the city and how to rent them for your next getaway, using the internet to do your research is a good idea. There are a number of companies in the area, and it is only when you research that you will find the best company to handle your needs.

Now that you’ve learned so much great information about Santa Barbara vacation rentals, be sure that  you take the time to speak with Ian Filippini or one of his expert advisors at the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. This wealth management agency offers a versatile menu of services designed to help you maintain your wealth and financial status. With the help of these experts, maybe one day you can come to the city and buy your own home rather than simply enjoy a rental for a short spell.

Ian Filippini: Downtown Santa Barbara



Ian Filippini

Downtown Santa Barbara

A visit to Santa Barbara, California is an experience of a lifetime. The beautiful city of just under 90,000 people is a popular tourist spot, thanks to its pristine location tucked between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez mountains as well as the outstanding weather conditions present throughout the year. There are many attractions available to visit in the city, but if you truly want to experience what the city is all about, it is the downtown area that you need to visit.

Downtown Santa Barbara has everything that the visitor could want or need, from art and dining to shopping and museums and so much more. There is also a nice mixture of cultural activities available throughout the downtown area, as well as hotels to accommodate your stay. Indeed, downtown Santa Barbara has something to offer each and every visitor into the city.

To add to the plethora of activities located in the downtown area, the beach is close,  so you’re only steps away from snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, swimming, laying in the sun and all of the other fun beach activities that you enjoy so well. Ian Filippini, president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc., has lived in the city his entire life. In his opinion (and in the opinion of many other people,) there is no better way to spend the day than living it up at the beach.

Free parking is available if you plan to drive. This parking allows you 75 minutes of free parking, with rates for each hour following that time period allocated at a rate of $1.50. Sunday parking is free for unlimited amounts of time. If you decide not to drive, there are a number of transportation options that can help you get around. Those transportation options include the public bus system as well as a trolley service.

 Among the downtown attractions that you will find available:

  • Elizabeth Gordon Gallery:  This gallery has been a part of the community for nearly 30 years. The doors opened back in 1984. During this time the gallery has grown into a popular stop for both locals as well as visitors. Inside there is a magnificent collection of contemporary art from around the country.
  • Arigato Sushi: there isn’t a better place in the entire city for sushi, so if you’re ready for something new and different, head to this restaurant for lunch or dinner. There are a variety of sushi dishes to accommodate all needs and tastes, including customer favorites like Salmon Carpaccio, Blue Fin Tuna and Wild Mushroom Soup. The restaurant offers a relaxing environment, backed up attentive service and caring staff.
  • SoHo Restaurant & Bar: Whenever the night falls and you’re ready to get out and have a little fun, SoHo is the place to be seen. This restaurant serves an organic menu filled with bar favorites, and there is a nice mixture of wines, beers and cocktails readily available. Live performances from locals and nationally known names takes place each night, so the fun is always ready when you’re looking.
  • Indigo Interiors: Forget the brand names and head to Indigo Interiors where you will find a variety of home furnishings using natural materials. There are also antiques available. The store is well-manicured and an absolute delight to visit, even if you’re just browsing the available selection.
  • Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc.: Ian Filippini is the president of the Filippini Wealth Management Group Inc. This is a wealth advisement agency focusing on services that keep you financially secure. Ian Filippini is knowledgeable, professional and dedicated to serving the needs of each and every resident of the city with services ranging from insurance products to retirement planning and so much more.


Also keep in mind that there are many festivals and annual events that take place in the downtown area of the city. The dates for these events vary, but if you are in town you are sure to want to be a part of these great happenings. Among the events that you might be interested in are the International Film Festival and Old Spanish Days.

Downtown Santa Barbara

The downtown Santa Barbara area is certainly a place that you will spend a great deal of your time while in the city. The activities and attractions above only begin to detail the fun that awaits in the downtown area, so make sure that you have your agenda clear and take part in as many of these fun activities as your time will allow. You will not be disappointed.